• How do I navigate your site?
    • The menu at the top of the website includes pages of information. The side bar on the left lists the different categories of writing available for reading. When you click on a category page, it will show you the most recent post in that category, and will supply Next and Previous links to see other entries relevant to that category.
  • The Next Post and Previous Post buttons don’t take me to the page I want.
    • Unfortunately, if you’re accessing the posts through direct links (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, site Archives), the site’s grey-coloured buttons (located above the comments section) will navigate you through all of the posts across the website in chronological order of post date. This can be tricky when navigating through a story series. For this reason, if a story has other pages, I have provided navigational links at the end of each post to move between the story pages. I apologise for the inconvenience.
  • What does “Amakerhen” mean?
    • It’s a play on words from the phrase “a mother hen.” My personality is such that I truly have been the mama-hen in all of my circles and it’s a large part of my identity. As such it seemed appropriate to carry over that element while adding a nod to my creative inclinations. “Maker” stands for creative writing creations.
  • Why did you choose “La Celestia” as your pseudonym?
    • It’s a name that embodies an ethereal feminine association, and in so doing, is reminiscent of fairy tale themes. It also keeps to a name I’ve taken before which is “Celestine Amine” which I took to capture the nature of wishing upon the stars. As you might have gathered, I have a large affinity for fairy tales and the magic of “Once upon a time.” For me it speaks to a power to enrapture by the art of words.
  • Why do you choose to write under a pseudonym at all?
    • For me, writing is a great passion, and is often an emotional and personal experience. We all have our mental safe-havens and this happens to be mine. As such, I wish to keep a distance from it and the rest of my life to keep this space “safe.” If you know me outside of this space, I humbly ask that you honour my request to remain anonymous.
  • Can I share your work online or through social media?
    • I would be honoured if you related to my work or enjoyed it enough that you wish to share it. I only ask that you do so with accreditation to me and provide a link back to the original piece on this site.
  • How can I reach you to discuss my feedback or questions about your blog?
    • There is a Contact Me page in the header of this website, or you can simply send an email to amakerhen@gmail.com.